Dr. Mark Gill


Help is at hand:

  • Dr Gill provides expert assistance to separating or separated couples and parents in children and financial cases.
  • Dr Gill assists both in and out of the courtroom at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor or barrister.
  • Dr Gill regularly represents parents in court having been granted ‘rights of audience’

Available Services Include:

  • Guidance on the options available to separating couples and parents in children and financial cases
  • Assistance in preparing conciliatory letters between separating couple and parents
  • Advice on how to manage relationships with authorites, such as schools, Social Services, CAFCASS and the Police
  • Assistance in preparing appropriate applications and other documents for the court
  • Guidance on Family and Divorce Court procedures
  • Courtroom assistance. Representation in court is also available when ‘rights of audience’ is granted
  • Emotional support