Dr. Mark Gill


The following guidlines for McKenzie Friends are extracted from the guidlines provided by the President of the Family Division of The Judiciary of England and Wales on 14th October 2008. The guidelines were updated on 12th July 2010. The full set of guidlines can be found at the Judiciary of England and Wales website: Judiciary of England and Wales.

What a McKenzie Friend May Do:

  • Provide moral support for the litigant
  • Take Notes
  • Help with case papers

Quietly advise on issues like:

  1. Points of law or procedure
  2. Issues that the litigant may wish to raise in court
  3. Questions the litigant may wish to ask witnesses

In relevant circumstances Dr Gill will recommend a litigant applies for ‘rights of audience’. A successful application will enable him to address the court and examine witnesses. When ‘rights of audience’ is granted Dr Gill becomes an advocate.