Dr. Mark Gill

"Christmas with the kids!"


Shared Parenting After Separation

Specialist Assistance For Parents In Establishing And Maintaining Contact With Their Children After Separation Or Divorce

Dr Mark Gill has extensive experience helping parents in court and in reaching agreements relating to arrangements for children.

If you have been separated from your children, or if you want to change the existing Contact, Residence or Child Arrangements with your children, then Dr Gill can help you achieve this very effectively and at very low cost.

Dr Gill is a highly experienced McKenzie Friend, having assisted parents in more than 2000 children cases in the family courts since May 2006. He can provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the ‘system’, can help you prepare your case and accompany you in the courtroom when your case is heard.

Dr Gill is regularly permitted to speak on behalf of his clients in court.

You do not need the services of an expensive solicitor or barrister : Dr Gill can usually resolve your case in considerably less time and always at considerably less cost.

Financial Cases

Specialist Assistance For Couples and Parents In Resolving Financial Issues After Separation Or Divorce

Dr Gill is extensively experienced in assisting in financial cases relating to divorce and separation. He has assisted in court with more than 400 complex financial cases since May 2006. Dr Gill’s achieves top results at a fraction of the price of a solicitor or barrister.