Dr. Mark Gill


‘Both your assistance in our face-to-face meetings and telephone conversations and your referral to another MF were extremely helpful. For that reason and many others I was keen to recommend you as a Mackenzie to my friend’. Mr. H –… Read More

‘Just to say again a BIG THANK YOU for all your advice and support over the past few months!! You’ve really been terrific and I know the whole thing would have been much more stressful without you being there to… Read More

‘Jake has been just fantastic, its like he’s not been away, chatting, playing, giving us cuddles, laughing…..we have taken them swimming, played football, computer games and well just being a family together. Jake has asked when can he go to… Read More

‘Well, i did celebrate yesterday and have a few beers and Mel and myself nestled down knowing Christmas will be lovely after all, Thanks to you. You were really amazing in court and the advice you gave me was paramount… Read More

Like many fathers I was lost and confused by the whole family court drama and with emotions running high found it almost impossible to focus on what was important. I started using a solicitor but they really only want money,… Read More