Dr. Mark Gill

Mr. F – Hampshire

Like many fathers I was lost and confused by the whole family court drama and with emotions running high found it almost impossible to focus on what was important. I started using a solicitor but they really only want money, take instruction and offer little advice and definitely no support. You realise early on that support exists for mothers in every guise but as a father you are totally alone and socially isolated.

I read forums and joined the FNF and quickly decided that being a litigant in person was the best way to go and sought the help of a McKenzie friend.

Gaining the help of Dr Gill was by far the best and probably life changing decision I have ever made. Yes you have to speak in court and yes you have to deal with the other party’s solicitors and barristers but for me the wealth of experience and emotional support you get from a McKenzie friend like Dr Gill is worth 10 times more than he charges. Mark always returned my calls and even called just to chat and make sure I was holding up. Make no mistake a good McKenzie friend and Mark is, takes on your case at a personal level, gets intimately involved and can run rings round Solicitors and Barristers who really have no interest in the outcome other than being paid.

My case is far from over but without the help and support Mark has given me I would given up a long time ago and would not have had the contact I have today with my children. I still have a long way to go but I have gained a good friend

Two pieces of advice, go it alone with the help of a McKenzie friend and never ever give up.’

Mr. F – Hampshire