Dr. Mark Gill


Initial Contact Charges

There are no charges for reasonable initial guidance given by telephone.

Case Charges

Dr Gill charges £ 60 per hour for advice or case preparation work including scheduled telephone appointments and face-to-face appointments. A minimum charge of £60 (1 hour) applies for all appointments.

Alternatively, fixed fees, which include travelling and all expenses, are available for court hearings.

Dr Gill is based in Winchester in Hampshire.

Fixed fees for court hearings in the South of England including London vary from between £275 and £450 depending upon the length of the hearing and travelling time/cost.

Fixed fees for court hearings in the Midlands and North of England, Far South West of England and Wales  start from £450 due to increased travel time and expenses from Winchester.

Fixed fees are quoted and payable in advance.


Other communication

Dr Gill  can usually respond quickly to text message communication, for which there is no charge for a reasonable level of communication.